Geek cred

I was reading through a story about a new documentary dedicated to two men who were battling for the all-time high score on Donkey Kong and happened to click on a link for Twin Galaxies. I dimly recalled submitting a high score for a classic arcade game about ten years ago back when I was first enthralled with MAME and checked out the list for Pooyan.

Anyhow, it seems I’m in the record books as the holder of the 11th highest score, at 138,200. Alert Wikipedia! It’s a pity they didn’t go back a little further, because I only got that score after Spacebunny had broken my previous record, which at the time was the Internet high score. Hence her claim to arcade royalty. Respect.

Big Chilly should be in there too for 1942. He’s frighteningly good at that game; at one of the Digital Ghetto’s Christmas parties back in the day, he beat the Atari Jaguar version of it the very first time he played it without losing a plane.

It was the single most awesome video game performance I’ve seen before or since.