The future is anti-feminist

Never mind that it’s becoming increasingly obvious how worthless those college educations for which they sacrificed their children is:

A third of women graduates will never have children, research has concluded. The number of highly educated women who are starting families has plummeted in the past decade, according to findings that provide the most detailed insight yet into education and fertility.

While some women are making a conscious decision not to have children, others are simply leaving it too late after taking years to build their careers, buy a home and find the right partner.

If the low birth rate trend continues, then the eventual rate of childlessness among graduates now aged in their twenties is likely to be even higher than a third.

The findings come from a ground-breaking study into more than 5,000 women born in 1970 and tracked throughout their lives by researchers at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, based at the Institute of Education in London.

Seriously, how smart do you actually expect other people to consider you to be if you can’t tell time on something as simple as a biological clock?

It’s fortunate that feminism is an evolutionary dead-end, here’s hoping it will die out before it’s stoned to death by sharia.