Don’t bother with college

This isn’t due to any fears of the inevitable Cho copycats, but rather the fact that you can’t get even a halfway decent education there anymore with doing all the work yourself:

Just 15 of 70 institutions studied require English majors to take a course on Shakespeare, says a report by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a Washington-based group that promotes academic quality. At least six of those schools dropped or weakened requirements since 1996, when the group did a similar study….

The Bard is required by only one Ivy League school, Harvard.

One might say that it’s ironic that the government is spending more money to send more people to college than ever before while the educations they are receiving have never been worse. Except it isn’t, this is merely education inflation in operation.

No wonder there’s so many “college-educated” morons out there. They’ve been to college, they have the sheepskin, they just don’t realize that they never received an actual education.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I can attest that I am personally acquainted with an economics major who graduated from a Big 10 university and had never heard of either John Maynard Keynes or Adam Smith.