Atheist logic

Jim Downey isn’t what you’d call one of the more formidable champions of Reason:

TEHRAN: The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder convictions of six members of a prestigious state militia who killed five people they considered “morally corrupt.”

But hey, it’s Islam, right? Not like our good Sky-Daddy worshipers would ever want to impose their laws on us in the same way. Right?

Since they haven’t imposed them in that way in nearly 2,000 years of Christian rule throughout Christendom, I don’t think they’re likely to do it anytime soon there, Chicken Little.

Let me see if I can follow his logic: since Muslims believe in a deity and Christians believe in a deity, therefore Christianity equals Islam. And therefore Christians will do to atheists whatever Muslims to, um, Muslims, like randomly kill them for being morally corrupt. QED.

It’s hard to decide whether this post is more deeply stupid or more profoundly ignorant. Either way, it should embarrass every atheist who likes to think of atheists as collectively being more intelligent and educated than the norm.

Now I understand why Brent Rasmussen is so forthright about declaring that atheists have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON with one another except for their shared disbelief in the existence of a supreme deity. If I had someone like Mr. Downey Syndrome posting logical pyrotechnics of this sort on my blog, I’d be sure to distance myself too.