A Hero of Gaia

It seems that St Darwin has provided us with the motivation of the VTU shooter:

A JILTED boyfriend killed 32 people on a US college campus yesterday. In the country’s worst ever school massacre, the maniac — who also shot himself dead — burst in brandishing two 9mm automatic handguns and an “ungodly” amount of ammunition.

Students said he first killed his ex and her new lover at Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg.

So, the incompetent theses of Sam Harris notwithstanding, it wasn’t God or any theistic morality that’s to blame here, merely Natural Selection. Although it does seem rather counterproductive if every loser in an evolutionary competition for a mate were to exterminate not only his rival but the prospective mate as well, to say nothing of the numerous other individuals who could have served as a replacement mate.

Still, given that we are reliably informed by scientists that there are too many humans polluting Gaia in the first place, why is this momentous event being covered as a tragedy? Shouldn’t we give the deceased a posthumous medal and import more immigrants to emulate him in saving the planet?

It’s ironic to note that these shootings are being described in the international media as “American” gun violence when both this and the previous mass shooting in the USA were committed by foreign nationals. Give us your angry, your crazy, your seething losers yearning to assassinate sheep.

On an unrelated note, I find myself wondering when it became the fashion to describe an individuals with two 9mm pistols as “heavily armed”. By that measure, most of the people I know will have to be categorized in the future as “heavy weapons battalions”.