And the commentariat stirs

Rush Limbaugh finally notices what I’ve been predicting for ages now:

Everybody says, “Well, what about Obama? What about Obama?” Folks. I know there are stories out there how the Clintons are worried about Obama and not just on this fundraising stuff, but his “godlike status to the godless” and so forth. If you’re the Clinton machine, and your single competitor is somebody with less than two years experience in these foxholes, do you really think they are worried about Barack Obama? If you have fallen for the notion that the Clinton machine is sort of upside down and discombobulated and doesn’t quite know what’s going on here, you are falling for more myths from the media, which is designed to make it look like she has real competition so that she can overcome obstacles rather than be this candidate of inevitability — which she is. So she’s trying to make it look like she’s got a serious challenge and she’s up to it, and she can handle it. But I’m telling you, I know the Clinton machine. If you think they are seriously worried about somebody with as little experience as Obama has in these kinds of things, then you’re falling for it.

You’re being sucked in for all this. There is an 80% chance this woman is going to be next president, as things sit here today.

Only 80 percent? Given what I’ve seen out of the fiasco known as the Republican nominating process, I’d say it’s more like 95 percent. Obama is nothing but a sacrificial lamb meant to make the Democratic nomination look competitive, perhaps he’ll be given the vice-presidency as a reward.

Benito Giuliani not only can’t beat the Lizard Queen, he can’t even win the Republican nomination. As always, the self-styled pragmatists have it backwards, failing to understand that you can only win over the moderate independents by rejecting them. Call it the Political Vaccuum Principle – because moderate independents don’t have a commitment to any ideological principles, they will usually fall in line with those who do. That’s why Reagan and FDR won landslides based in part upon the votes of those who really didn’t agree with them.

And that is why Ms Rodham is more likely to win in a Reaganesque landslide than to lose in 2008.