Me So Ho

Me So Michelle gets her ho on at National Socialist Review:

The Rutgers women’s basketball team didn’t deserve to be disrespected as “nappy-headed hos.” No woman deserves that. I agree with the athletes that Imus’s misogynist mockery was “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable.” And, as I noted on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor this week, I believe top public officials and journalists who have appeared on Imus’s show should take responsibility for enabling Imus—and should disavow his longstanding invective.

1. How on Earth does she know that? True, given their sport, “nappy-headed lezbots with surgically repaired knees” would likely be a more accurate description, but I rather doubt that any of those rushing to the defense of the Rutgers’ women actually know anything about the promiscuity of these women or the lack thereof. Or if any of them have, in fact, turned pro.

2. “Disrespected”. (chortles with amusement) She’s so MLK BLVD. Why not do it like Don Imus and simply write “dissed”.

3. If a woman acts like a whore, then she merits being identified as a whore. All the more so if a woman actually does provide sex for money. It’s entirely possible that the Rutgers’ women didn’t deserve it, but plenty of women do, among them Me So Michelle herself, being one of the prime examples of a media whore.

4. The issue isn’t the “hos” anyhow, it’s the “nappy-headed”. Remember, all Negros are nice, clean fabulous people who don’t commit crime. And they’re smart too. And they’re not especially good at sports, unless they are. They’re just a magic people, really.

5. It’s mockery. Deal. If Howard Stern had said it, the firestorm of invective he would have directed at any PC criticism would have quickly ended the story.

6. I would very much like to hear top public officials going on the radio and explaining, in detail, precisely why they believe that the Rutgers women’s basketball team are not “nappy-headed hos”. What is with this new obsession with public guilt-by-association cleansing rituals anyhow? Going on someone’s show does not mean that you approve of them; shall we hold Malkin responsible for enabling Chris Matthews?

While Me So is surpassing her already impressive standards of moronic meandering, I’m only surprised she hasn’t managed to inject herself directly into the story. Yet.

But one must give credit with credit is due, her keen thumb on the nation’s cultural pulse has allowed her to break the startling news that popular rappers write raps that are less than flattering about women!

Little is known about her past
So listen to me cos I know her ass
Used to steal money out her boyfriend’s clothes
And never got caught so the story goes
She kept doing that to all her men
Found the wrong man when she did it again
And still to this day people wonder why
He didn’t beat the bitch down till she almost died

“Sophisticated Bitch”, Public Enemy

I note that I have never listened to Don Imus, couldn’t care less what he does, says or stands for and find this entire manufactured tempest in a teapot to be entirely uninteresting except in that it is yet another demonstration of the contemptible weeniehood of modern America.