Um, guys

Someone seems to be missing the point here:

The author of Meon Nara, a certain Rhie Won-bok, believes “the Jews are the invisible force that controls the U.S.” In his comic, he argues that 9/11 was caused by Jewish domination of America; that the U.S. media “is the voice of the Jews;” that both Hollywood and Wall Street are Jewish- occupied territory; and that ambitious Korean-Americans are continually thwarted by “the fortress of the Jews.”

Thanks to agitation by outraged American — most notably Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, who travelled to Seoul last month — Meon Nara’s publisher is taking the book off store shelves. Unfortunately, the company is powerless to recall the existing copies that are providing legions of Koreans with a Borat-like view of the Jewish race.

Can I suggest here that making use of rabbi-inspired American pressure to force a Korean publisher to stop selling a multi-million selling comic book, however lunatic, is perhaps not the best way to convince Koreans that the Jews are not, in fact, continually thwarting ambitious Korean-Americans?

As for the US media, while it may not be “the voice of the Jews”, it is certainly “the voice of a lot of Jews”. This isn’t an inherently good thing or an inherently bad thing, it’s merely an obvious and observable thing. And if you don’t want people to notice this and comment negatively on it, perhaps you should consider not hiring cousin Ira’s nephew’s brother-in-law the next time a spot opens up on the Metro page and not publishing huge articles about Hannukah on December 25th.