Bad boys are better

From the New York Times:

More intriguing still were the divergent sexual responses between men who ranked high on the inhibition scale and those who scored low. Whereas both groups reacted to the nonthreatening sex scenes with an equivalently hearty degree of tumescence, only the low scorers — those whose answers to the questionnaire indicated they had scant sexual inhibition — maintained an enthusiastic physiological response when confronted with film clips of sexual brutality.

The results suggest that having a good set of sexual brakes not only dampens the willingness to commit rape or sexual abuse, but the desire as well, giving the lie to notions that “all men are the same” and would be likely to rape their way through the local maiden population if they thought they could get away with it.

Obviously, given that the only thing preventing men from doing so are, well, other men. No wonder the women are all simmering with anger these days; in training men to be weak and sexually submissive, they managed to reduce men’s desire for them as well as performance should these nice guys ever somehow manage to stumble into bed with them.

I think the reason why modern marriage destroys sex lives is because of the way the sexual dynamic shifts. Before marriage, a man can easily tell a woman to put out or get out so that he can replace her with a woman who will. And because he can, he usually doesn’t have to. After marriage, she’s the one who holds the cards, which means that sex becomes a vote of one, namely, hers.

And since most women dislike decisions, responsibility and being the sexual initiator, this is a recipe for porn, adultery and general marital disaster. The problem is that the old school alternative, leaving the sexual decisions up to her husband, is even more unpalatable to the modern woman.

Of course, the end of marriage and the return of sex slavery will put an end to the dilemma soon enough, so even if there’s a wee spot of bother involved in the total collapse of the Western cultural tradition, at least there’s the return of the ancient sexual dynamic to anticipate.