Scaring the horses

The Regression to the Mean gets his pre-presidential kneepads on behalf of the Lisper:

I haven’t even yet mentioned your magnificent leadership on and after 9/11, which also combined both the visionary and the practical in a truly stirring way. That combination of vision and competence is what even your enemies have come to show a grudging respect for….

You can beat back such foes any time with the power of your intellect and your peerless ability to master and synthesize ideas – if you’re willing to get cracking.

Cliff’s Notes version: Rudy is so sexy and dreamy and smart… how I wish he would pierce me with those fierce Italian eyes and handcuff me in front of the whole wide world!

Speaking of metaphors, I haven’t read anything that flamingly gay since Fight Club. Even the editors at The Advocate are reading it and thinking, “well, we are looking for a political columnist, but that’s really a bit much.”