The Sports Gal’s debut

One often finds it hard to decide if one should pity the Sports Guy or consider him lucky. Needless to say, I don’t think she’s likely to join my fan club anytime soon:

Of course, Bill (my husband) was suspicious as soon as we learned Andy’s alma mater was Duke — he kept saying, “You watch, you watch, he’s going to end up being a [bad word].”

Not even 30 seconds later, we watched Andy get into his fancy sports car, which looked like a DeLorean (do they still make those?) and had those dorky doors that open straight up. I hate when Bill’s right. You should know that my friend Terera and I have a list of things that instantly bother us about guys — like guys who wear man sandals (those leather ones that look like the ones girls would wear, only they’re for guys, I call them “mandals”); guys who wear black jeans check or black tennis shoes check; guys who wear Speedos at the beach; guys who drink daiquiris or frozen mudslides check, assuming Blue Hawaiians count; guys who tuck their sweaters into their pants; and especially, guys who drive weird sports cars (like Miatas or Corvettes).check, although the new Porsche is arguably less weird than the Lamborghini

A strong debut, all told. This sort of column on ESPN doesn’t bother me one one-hundredth as much as women pretending, and failing, to be interested in men’s sports.