Speaking of wrath

Flicka Spumoni reviews The Wrath of Angels at her blog:

In, The Wrath of Angels, the third novel in a series of angelic adventures written from a Christian world view, Theodore Beale has given us a fine piece of fiction.

At the core of this story is the spirit-realm throne of Albion, the ancient name for Britain, and those Fallen who would rule from it. The over-arching, pressing danger is that Diavelina, the treacherous daughter of Moloch, would come to reign upon that coveted throne. Moloch or Baal, as he is also known, is a Cannanite god who is always associated with fire and child sacrifice as he was worshiped by followers who passed their children through fire to appease him. According to Wrath mythology, it was Moloch who orchestrated Hitler’s rise to power and then stoked his passion for incinerating Jews. Diavelina desires another such fiery winnowing across Europe.

My only comment is that what is not explained can be deduced, but it requires grasping the subtext. There’s a hint in the Italian…. In any event, it’s nice to know that a fellow writer enjoyed the story.

For those of you in the queue, I intend to place the order for the second printing this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to resizing the back cover text as I intended, but some of the previous typos have been corrected.