Mailvox: a scary question

AC wants to know if I can summon the courage to address a daunting topic:

Why is it that being a Mormon is a bad thing when running for President? Why is the media not looking at the other candidates religions? Why only Mit Romney’s??

Dare you answer?

I’ve been the subject of a CAIR email-bombing campaign, there’s dozens of websites quoting my assertion of the theoretical morality of toddler-offing, and you suspect I might be afraid to answer this softball? Seriously?

Anyhow, the reason is that being a Mormon is weird. The vast majority of people aren’t Mormons, and they don’t think much of polygamy, scriptures that require angelic opthalmologists or sacred underwear. Whether you regard that as being fair or not, that’s the reality of what most people think about Mormons.

The same would be true of a candidate who claimed to be a voodoo worshipper or a Thuggee. No doubt these religions have some good points which go beyond beheading chickens and strangling people, but any presidential campaign by an adherent is going to center around the abnormal beliefs instead of the candidate himself. This is fatal in any campaign wherein the nominating process is of interest to the public, which is why you can do anything and be anything and still get elected governor or senator, but not president.

The reason the media isn’t looking at any other candidate’s religion is that they all claim to be normal Catholic or Protestant Christians. They’re almost surely not, of course, but the media is in no position to judge the truth of their claims and is not particularly interested in anything that doesn’t let them play judge, jury and executioner.