Bestiality’s best, boys

Who would have ever thought that the old rugby anthem would be on the cutting edge of science:

This evolutionary process, while known to be common in plants, has long been considered extremely rare among animals. Animals are generally thought to evolve the opposite way, when a single species gradually splits into two over many generations. But some scientists now believe that the behavior that has been called animals’ sexual blunders could be an important force in their evolution. “Given the fact there have been several reported cases of hybrid speciation in animals, I think it’s possible that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said biologist James Mallet of University College London in the United Kingdom.

In a review of the field appearing in the current issue of the journal Nature, the scientist notes that, on average, 10 percent of animal species and 25 percent of plant species are now known to hybridize.”In the past people have often viewed hybridization as a mistake,” Mallet said. “But this is probably not an unnatural phenomenon.” And, he said, “sex with another species may be very occasionally quite a good idea.”

You realize the supreme significance of this, I hope. It means that we must now begin referring to atheist evolutionaries as “dog-botherers”.

I eagerly await Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming public declaration that having sex with animals is not immoral.