So much for vaccine safety

The wall of silence begins to crack:

Following the debate over MMR and its alleged link with autism, government documents just released under the Freedom of Information Act show there was another, earlier concern for which there was more evidence and, apparently, more immediate risk. Whitehall experts knew of it before MMR’s mass introduction into Britain, but the public was kept in ignorance….

The newly released documents include the minutes of a meeting of 15 experts and officials held in February 1988. According to the minutes, the group “read a report of cases of mumps encephalitis which had been associated with MMR vaccine containing the Urabe strain of the mumps virus. The Canadian authorities had suspended the licences of MMR vaccines containing the Urabe strain.”

This was bad news for the government: the Urabe strain was to be used in 85 per cent of early MMR injections. Canada did not withdraw the licences for Urabe MMR, but stopped using it as a precaution. In early 1987, just after the Thatcher government decided on MMR as an option in mass vaccinations, doctors in America had already reported “adverse reactions” to Urabe MMR. A few months later, the Swedes reported 52 cases of “febrile convulsions probably associated with MMR vaccination”….

In the same month, the JCVI’s “adverse reactions” sub-committee expressed “special concern” over reports from Japan linking Urabe MMR with high levels of meningoencephalitis.

It took until 1992 for Britain to stop injecting children with Urabe MMR, replacing it with MMR2, which contains a less potent form of the mumps virus. And, according to the minutes, that action owed more to the decision of the manufacturers of Urabe MMR to cease production….

American, British and Canadian governments kept quiet about known problems with vaccines then. Are you still 100 percent sure that they aren’t holding their tongues about known problems now?