It was a good run

For humanity. But we may not even need fembots to finish us off:

A chap working for an iPhone news site claims that a reputable source who wishes to remain anonymous (it’s funny how they are always reputable and always anonymous) tipped him that WoW is coming to Apples first mobile. This source claims that they have seen a beta version of the game running on the iPhone with full touch screen functionality….

At present we here at Pocket Gamer think this is unlikely. To go from Tetris to WoW in one bound is kind of like going from warm milk with honey in it to crack. However (wait for it…) there are a few things to consider here. Believed to have (careful wording, Carlos you have made me paranoid) at least one ARM11 processor on board, the iPhone could easily be capable of outperforming something like the Nintendo DS in the graphics department and certainly has its share of processing grunt under the hood.

I have to admit, after the first flush of technoptimism wore off and I realized that the iPhone wouldn’t do half of what I require in a mobile device, I had decided to stick with the Treo line. But I’ll admit, WoW or any decent MMO onboard would make me switch in a heartbeat.