So conservatives are Nazis after all

Or perhaps a more accurate conclusion would be that National Review is no longer even pretending to be conservative. I shall henceforth remove it from my list of Day Trips and move it to a more appropriate venue, namely, Target-Rich Environments:

Any delay in improving the integrity of identification documents is potentially dangerous, but the administration’s move was probably a practical necessity. What’s important is that it stood by REAL ID.
– The Editors

I have never been so pleased with the well-deserved Republican massacre this past November. And I look forward to Hillary Clinton’s inevitable victory, not because I expect anything but even more national socialism from the Lizard Queen than Bush is currently pushing, but because it will demonstrate the total fecklessness of the big government conservatives as well as prove my point about the inherent self-contradiction in putting political pragmatism above political principle.

I’ll still read National Review on a daily basis, as there are writers such as John Derbyshire, Ramesh Ponnuru, VDH and Jonah Goldberg that I quite like. But it seems that I shall henceforth be reading it in much the same way that I read the New York Times, primarily as a source of cannon fodder.