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This means it’s only a matter of time before “Operation Wetback” is available for download on your PC:

Hundreds came out to protest a game that organizers said is intended to spark debate, while others said it is racist and disgusting.

In the game called Find the Illegal Immigrant,’ members of the club present their New York University identification and become immigration agents looking for an illegal immigrant in the crowd. The agent who successfully identifies the illegal immigrant wins a gift certificate.

I’ve never seen a more stunned look on someone’s face than when news of the Oklahoma City bombing was reported on CNN during the Computer Game Developer’s Conference and a loud cheer broke out that swept across the entire bar. John Romero and I were talking to a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle at the time and she couldn’t believe the festive mood that suddenly erupted.

(This was before anyone knew about the day care center, the reports only stated that a government building had been blown up.)

Romero laughed at her and reminded her that this was quite likely the premier gathering of people who a) really like to see things blow up and b) despise the very concept of government.