I’m telling big sister!

GT casts about for the cavalry:

-For another example of misogyny, driven (of course) by religion, in a supposedly advanced society, and pretty sickening, look here:
At the article headed: “Feminism doesn’t work anywhere”

“The fact that feminism and “equality” are eviscerating societal functionality in countries that have never known any Judeo-Christian tradition indicates how completely dysfunctional it is.”

An American commentator in this site: … http://voxday.blogspot.com/

I strongly suggest readers of these pages go over there and tell them a few things. They’ve got some really funny ideas about atheists,as well – I’ve already been told that I can’t call anything “wrong” unless it is not factual (!)
So great fun could be had by all …..

Whilst looking at religious insanity.

Posted by: G. Tingey | February 22, 2007 11:40 AM

La, whatevah shall we do? Actually, the subsequent comment is pretty funny….

“Hooboy. Vox Day again. Dunno if I can stomach any more…”

Anyhow, about that shooting in Pakistan, I will only say that condemning all religions for the actions of an individual acting correctly according to the precepts of one religion is not merely inaccurate, it is intellectually dishonest. But it’s Pharyngurl and he’s an atheist, so intellectual dishonesty is perfectly “moral” by his lights and one has to expect it from him. I personally enjoy viewing his performances as a form of presticranial art.

(You see, GT, PZ knows perfectly well who I am. As you’d surely know, if you’d scrolled down just a bit there on the right. But I’m always happy to kick around any sciencists who think they have noise to bring. Now, are you feeling better or shall we fetch the smelling salts?)