Mailvox: a quiet and crafty love

KH dares to cross ideological lines. Only an affection for deceased alien Elder Gods is capable of trumping the modern American left-right divide:

I always enjoy your WND columns, though I rarely agree with your positions. (I’m pretty much a traditional social democrat, though one who believes in living in the real world. I read WND partly for amusement and partly to see what the other side is thinking.) Though I rarely agree with you, I have come to respect your intellectual honesty and consistency. Actually, I rather regret that this country doesn’t have a real conservative movement. I have a lot of respect for conservatism in the old sense of the term, the Edmund Burke, Benjamin Disraeli tradition of conservatism, but that is almost extinct in the U. S.

Current U. S. “conservatism” seems to be divided between sectarianism and right-wing anarchism. I did actually agree with you though about Giuliani, Obama, and Clinton, and about the peculiar process by which candidates are chosen. Besides, I have to like any political columnist who endorses Cthulhu!

In fairness to KH, reading my columns is not exactly the best way for the left to understand what the tattered vestiges of the other side are thinking, although now that I think about it, as one “conservative” commentator after another openly embraces left-wing policies, I may end up being the only member of the other side here shortly.

Ah well. As Prodigy puts it so perfectly, “Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned”.

But it’s quite interesting to see that a left-wing individual can clearly see that today’s “conservatives” have little relation to past conservatives, unlike the frauds who illegitimately flash the label on Fox News.