Mailvox: so very Bright

AF demonstrates that superior atheist intellect, education and devotion to empirical evidence:

Rather than rant for ten minutes about your entire entirely wrong article titled “the irrational atheist” I wanted to share with you one statistic in response to the extract from your article below.

The irrationality of the atheist can primarily be seen in his actions – and it is here that the cowardice of his intellectual convictions is also exposed. Whereas Christians and the faithful of other religions have good reason for attempting to live by the Golden Rule – they are commanded to do so – the atheist does not.

In fact, such ethics, as well as the morality that underlies them, are nothing more than man-made myth to the atheist. Nevertheless, he usually seeks to live by them when they are convenient, and there are even those, who, despite their faithlessness, do a better job of living by the tenets of religion than those who actually subscribe to them.

Still, even the most admirable of atheists is nothing more than a moral parasite, living his life based on borrowed ethics. This is why, when pressed, the atheist will often attempt to hide his lack of conviction in his own beliefs behind some poorly formulated utilitarianism, or argue that he acts out of altruistic self-interest. But this is only post-facto rationalization, not reason or rational behavior.

Clearly you are implying that most Atheists adopt morally loose behavior because they are not required by God to uphold values like not steeling. The statistic I want to share with you is simple, true, and not exaggerated. It is that Christians are at least 50 times more likely to go to prison than Atheists. Where did I get this statistic? The Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was also confirmed by numerous other websites on the internet.

Actually, I’m outright asserting the opposite, that most atheists do not engage in morally loose behavior because they do not have the courage of their convictions, instead they adopt the morality of the society around them and modify it slightly at their convenience.

As for the silly “50 times more likely to go to prison” claim, I have personally debunked this with regards to the British population. Regarding the American statistics, that too is demonstrably false:

“According to the DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics (National Census of the Jail Population 12/31/95), while 72% affirmed affiliation with religious institutions (determined through answers to the question on “Religious Background” on the Penal entrance form) only 54% of Federal and State Prisoners actually consider themselves religious, and 33% can be confirmed to be practicing their religion.”

Some atheists just don’t mind lying. Of course, why shouldn’t they lie whenever it suits their momentary purpose? It’s not as if there is any moral code to which they are rationally bound.

And if atheists are so intelligent, why do so many of them rely on information that is demonstrably false?