Mailvox: well, I guess we’re even

I’m not sure what GL is saying either, although I gather he’s less than enamoured with my literary style:

A good memory plus a fast pace can make you a millionaire on “Jeopardy” but it can’t make you intelligent. Please put the cookies a little lower so I can reach them. An intelligent man makes complex issues easy to understand. An idiot makes simple issues seem complex. Maybe idiot is too strong a word, but I think you understand my drift. Maybe you should write two columns, one for you eggheads and one for the other ninety-nine point nine percent of us. Sorry, but in my first sentence I’m not using the word “you” in the editorial sense. While your writing why don’t you go ahead and say something intelligible. I’m sure you know already, but I’ll say it anyway, I’m using spell-check on these big words but only because my wife isn’t in the room. When she was in grammar school she would miss-spell words on purpose so she wouldn’t have to go to the county-wide spelling competition. Sorry to ramble on, my freshman English teacher thought I was a good writer, did yours? I’ll bet my English teacher was smarter than yours. Have a nice day.

P.S. Don’t confuse politicians with real Americans, or is that what your column said??

Actually, the main point of my column was to tell people to read Tanith Lee, because she’s a fabulous fabulist.

“When you die, no, when I kill you….”