Ron Paul for President

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul Files Paperwork for 2008 Presidential Bid

At least the Republicans will have one non-liberal in the race. I wish Paul well, and should he win the nomination, I might even be tempted to consider voting for him. That being said, I fully expect the powers-that-be within the G.O.P. to pull out all the stops to prevent him from going head-to-head down the stretch with either McCain or Giuliani.

It will be interesting to see if they attempt to keep him out of the early debates with some bizarre rule about how only candidates who have either been a prisoner-of-war or worn a dress on SNL will be permitted to participate. Most likely, we’ll just see the “conservative” commentariat hammer on him for being “unelectable”, as they’re obviously hoping to offer conservatives a choice between McCain and Giuliani.

This definitely makes the nomination season more interesting, but unfortunately I don’t see it making any difference as the Lizard Queen’s ascension has long been foretold.