Mailvox: vegetarians are evil

CJ wishes to explore the hate:

What’s the reason for the anti-vegetarian stance? I’m not one and don’t plan to be, but my mom and niece are. Other than my mom’s choleserol being almost 100 points higher than my omnivorous dad’s, they seems to be ok. Care to enlighten?

Vegetarians are evangelical totalitarians. Chinese people don’t try to push their food on you, Italian’s don’t, steak-and-potato eaters don’t, but a vegetarian can’t see an hors d’oeuvre without informing you in tedious detail about his diet and what he thinks of yours.

I loathe vegetarians. I think they’re obnoxious and disgusting. I’d much rather hang out with a smoker, an alcoholic, a pothead, a neo-nazi or even a gay atheist techno-luddite who supports the Packers. (Maybe that’s redundant….)

Furthermore, there is a strange but strong correlation between vegetarianism and socialism, perhaps because both ideologies are ultimately devoted to controlling the actions of others. Or perhaps because its because both groups cling to their notions of health/economic superiority in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

When I am named Dictator, every vegetarian will be fed to the pigs.