So Spacebunny is out and about and I find myself contemplating treachery. I’ve been most faithful to my Treo for some time now, but that sexy new iPhone has me thinking some iPhilthy thoughts.

I’m not a member of the Apple cult, but as an Apple II and original Macintosh owner, I’m not anti-Apple either. All the slick stuff is nice, of course, but what will cause me to leave the old device is the inclusion of Wi-fi. When Treo didn’t put that into the 680, I knew it was all but over.

And perhaps only Apple could make this move, as all the other smartphone manufacturers are too dependent on bulk sales to carriers to risk angering their largest potential customers, who really, really don’t want you Skyping for free on your cell at the local hotspot.

As for the other application that’s important to me, let’s face it, eight gigs will hold a lot of ebooks….