Time’s up

Steverino pounded his chest:

Deny it if you wish but, socioeconomics does, in fact, play a role. With regard to the “bitch” comment, you would not make it out of the gates. I eat whimps like you for snacks.

Vox replied:

Excellent. It’s put up or shut up time, Steverino. Either show the data correlating the increased incidence of rape with low income levels or admit that you’re nothing but talk. Don’t forget to control for party identification….

I did today’s post in sixty-nine minutes, but I’ll be generous and give you 24 hours.

We’ll be eagerly waiting.

26 hours later… Steverino? Little Steve? (Places hand to ear, hearing nothing but the cold January wind.) Oh, Steve-o… where are you? I’m right here, with the gates behind me….

Ah, well. Not exactly a surprise.