Mailvox: that would be yes

Q3 has a question:

Does this seem incredibly vacuous to you?

Which gets me to the main thing I personally take from feminism: For me, it’s a form of social calculus. It simplifies things in the way that learning integral calculus simplifies problems that would otherwise be murder to solve if attacked only with algebra and geometry. I don’t mean it makes everything simple–it certainly doesn’t do that, if this thread is any indication–and I don’t mean it makes my approach to life simplistic. I mean that, to quote from Barbara Findlen’s introduction to Listen Up:

“Feminism is what helps us make sense of the unfairness by affirming that it’s about political injustice, not personal failure. The feminist movement offers us the combined strength and wisdom of people from all walks of life who are fighting for meaningful equality.”

In other words, “it’s acceptable for me to act and think like a child, because NOTHING CAN BE MY FAULT. See, all the other girls are doing it!”

The appeal of feminism is no surprise, but it’s still an intellectual ghetto even more bankrupt than socialism, and with less prospect for survival. It will be interesting to note if the die-hards manage to figure this out before they wind up in burqahs or as sex slaves owned by the United Nations.