Sometimes you wonder

Fred Taylor doesn’t seem to have been paying much attention from the sidelines:

Fred Taylor, who is under contract for the 2007 season at a $2.55 million base salary, said Thursday he wants a contract extension in the $5 million range. Taylor said he won’t happy if the Jaguars want him to play out the final season of his contract. As a last resort, if he doesn’t get a new deal, he said, “I’d ask to be traded.”

Given the way in which Maurice Jones-Drew made a very serious run at Offensive Rookie of the Year this season, I can only hope that Freddie sees the writing on the wall and is attempting to put a proactive spin on things. I can’t see any way that he gets that sort of extension from the Jags, in fact, I didn’t expect him to be the starter in Jacksonville next year anyhow.

Only US Senators with presidential ambitions and Hollywood actresses seem to have more distant relationship with reality than NFL players.