I’m down with that

From: Gloria Steinem
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 11:14 AM
To: Kathryn Lopez
Subject: Holiday Message from Gloria Steinem

Dear feminist activist,

Imagine being confined to a cell for 17 hours a day, with little or no access to reading, writing, or learning – or talks with friends.

Imagine that the Bible is the only reading material you are given. When there is a copy of a magazine, imagine that you have to share it with 699* other women.

Now imagine receiving your own personal copy of Ms. Magazine, knowing someone on the outside cared enough to send it and that more will come.

You can make this happen with a tax deductible gift to the Ms. Magazine Prison and Domestic Violence Shelter Program, a fund dedicated to creating a link with women who are isolated in prisons, or in domestic violence shelters where there is safety but rarely access to supportive books, magazines and words of understanding from the outside world.

Oh, sorry, I thought they were proposing jailing all the feminists, which was why they’d have to send Ms Magazine…. Never mind.

Anyhow, if women in jail are like all the normal women outside of jail, they’d much prefer Us Weekly and People to Ms. Come to think of it, I’d prefer Us and People myself.

Whatever will that rascal George Clooney do next?