Top SF/F blogs

Somehow, this blog escaped Mr. Scalzi’s notice, but according to him – we exchanged email – I’m in some rather lofty company as William Gibson and Stephen Brust suffered the same fate.

1. Neil Gaiman’s Journal — Neil Gaiman (487) W
2. Whatever — John Scalzi (1,142) W
3. Making Light — Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden (1,293) E
4. Beyond the Beyond — Bruce Sterling (5,240) W
5. The Sideshow — Avedon Carol (6,289) F
6. Paperback Writer — S.L. Viehl (6,916) W
7. Charlie’s Diary — Charles Stross (7,622) W
8. They Must Need Bears — Elizabeth Bear (11,541) W
9. The Mumpsimus — Matthew Cheney (14,156) C
10. Anna Louise’s Journal — Anna Louise Genoese (16,017) E

According to Technorati, Vox Popoli would come in at #8 here, right behind the estimable Mr. Stross. A Top 10 SF/F blog… how dreadfully embarrassing for the SFWA!

It does seem bizarre that this blog would come in ahead of those belonging to much better-known, better-selling, and generally all-around better writers such as David Brin and George RR Martin, but then, mysterious are the ways of the Technorati.