This will get them into the EU

And it’s basically what I mean when I make comments about semi-civilized third worlders and destination transformation:

Turkish Airlines gets the hump
A job well done is worth celebrating, but Turkish Airlines say staff went too far when they sacrificed a camel. To mark the last delivery of 100 aircraft, maintenance workers clubbed together to buy the beast – and then consume it.

The sacrifice took place at Istanbul international airport.

One merely hopes that the rite didn’t take place as laid out by Aleister Crowley, although that headline is disturbingly suggestive. I’m wondering precisely where Turkish Airlines draws the line… at chickens? Goats? Presumably virgins are similarly off-bounds as well, although just give those increasingly pagan Brits a few years.

Vegetarian or regular meal?

Veggie, please.

Window or aisle

Window, near a bathroom if that’s possible.

And would you like to hump the virgin before we cut her throat?”

Oh, sure, why not? But I’ll pass on the communion afterwards, I’m a vegetarian, you know.