Who said feminists lack a sense of humor?

Feministe is upset by the latest rap feud, which threatens to make the Tupac-Biggie, East Coast-West Coast conflict look like the Honduran Football War compared to World War II:

Everyone loves privileged Ivy-league kids rapping about how much better their top-three university is than another top-three university. Especially when they throw in lines about how they rape Harvard women, among other pleasant images of slitting throats and packing gats. Classy, fellas. You do your school proud.

Notably, this seems to be a pattern among these fine young gentlemen. What’s with this week and waste-of-space college kids trying to out-do each other on the misogyny front?

Well, considering that no one on the planet has had more feminist propaganda shoved down their throats than the current generation of Ivy League students, Newton’s Third Law suggests that their attitudes will likely make Dr. Dre and Eazy E look downright progressive.

But who would want to rape a Harvard woman? They’re a smart, but homely lot indeed.