Newsflash: liberals are all talk!

I know I was shocked to discover that people who talk incessantly about how much they care about the less fortunate don’t actually do much about it. Well, at least not with their own time and money:

The child of academics, raised in a liberal household and educated in the liberal arts, Brooks has written a book that concludes religious conservatives donate far more money than secular liberals to all sorts of charitable activities, irrespective of income.

In the book, he cites extensive data analysis to demonstrate that values advocated by conservatives — from church attendance and two-parent families to the Protestant work ethic and a distaste for government-funded social services — make conservatives more generous than liberals…. liberals give less than conservatives in every way imaginable, including volunteer hours and donated blood.

This is hardly news to anyone who actually knows both liberals and conservatives. I know precisely one liberal family who has opened their home to people in need of short-term shelter, (and they’re practicing Jews), whereas the majority of the callous, insensitive right-wingers that I know have had at least one couple unrelated to them living in their house for an extended period of time for one reason or another.

The unfeeling bastards.