Mailvox: they just never learn

Adam is rightly unimpressed by ESPN’s latest effort in gender equity: is obviously obligated to hire women for…some inexplicable reason. Yet, given the ridiculously self-centered, useless columnists they’ve used before, they wouldn’t possibly get another one who seems to think she’s more interesting than her subject matter, right?

Given how fast the last one disappeared, you wouldn’t think so. But now they’ve found the new Ralph Wiley, only female, uninterested in sports and without any discernible literary talent:

Me on Me
In her debut column for Page 2, Jemele Hill conducts a hard-hitting one-on-one interview with… herself.

You can’t parody this, even the most cynical mind can’t keep up with the reality. Unless a woman has posed in Maxim, wears a cowboy hat and truly madly deeply loves football, she has no business writing anything that appears on a sports page.