Yes, we’re friends

Flicka is amused by what should have been our authors’ photo for RM:

As for Bruce: very hot in a mild-mannered-Clark-Kent kind of way. Much better.

However what’s good for you is very unfortunate for Vox. (Are you sure you two are friends?) He needs to fire his manager. Now. And make anyone who wants to dress him up and pose him prove his: a) sobriety and b) hetersexuality.

My god, the only thing he’s missing is a cape.

Unfortunately, Pocket wouldn’t let us use it due to the guns. (By which I mean the Glocks, not the biceps….) And yes, we are friends.

What’s kind of funny about Flicka’s reaction is the automatic assumption that everything even remotely masculine is some kind of homoposery. It’s gotten to the point that if somebody posted a video of himself ripping a human head off a living body with his bare hands and slam-dunking it on a twelve-foot rim, the main reaction would probably be: “wow, that is so gay!”