At least they can pack a bong

From the Washington Times:

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute recently tested 14,000 freshmen and seniors at 50 colleges with 60 questions on American history, government, market economies and U.S. foreign policy. The average “civic literacy” score for seniors was 53.2 percent, for freshman 54.7 percent. Failing grades all. The longer a student attends class, the dumber he gets. Students at the elite schools fared worse than students at some church and land-grant schools. The Ivy League school whose students ranked highest were those at Princeton, at No. 18. Harvard’s students were 25th. The lowest scores were posted at such bastions of higher learning as Cornell, University of California at Berkeley and Johns Hopkins. Go figure, as some unhappy parents will no doubt do.

As I previously wrote, do not attend college with the idea of pursuing an education, because that’s no longer the purpose of a university. The purpose of a university is to extract maximum cash from the student and anyone else willing to contribute on his behalf, including the government, in return for The Ticket. That’s the deal.

It is ironic that the supposed devotees of Science and Reason can’t recognize that most college students aren’t learning anything, despite this empirical, scientific evidence which proves it. It’s only anecdotal evidence, of course, but I’ve known this since I met a girl with an economics degree who had never heard of Keynes.