The courage of his convictions

Praise for Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris:

I can’t sign my name to this blurb. As a New York Times best selling author of books about business, my career will evaporate if I endorse a book that challenges the deeply held superstitions and bigotry of the masses. That’s exactly why you should (no, you must) read this angry and honest book right away. As long as science and rational thought are under attack by the misguided yet pious majority, our nation is in jeopardy. I’m scared. You should be too. Please buy two, one for you and one for a friend you care about.

— Unsigned, New York Times best selling author

He’s scared, all right. I can’t say I blame him for being an utter coward, though. I’d be terrified to admit that I praised anything written by Sam Harris.

Of course, Sam “I travel with bodyguards to protect me from Christian suicide bombers” Harris is a real profile in atheist courage himself.