The sheep that said no

As everyone knows, I don’t make a habit of discussing my friends and family on this blog, either for good or ill. But since it’s already in the paper, you can read this if you’re interested in the latest news about my father.

I have to admit that I find some people’s reactions to his actions to be rather mystifying, in much the same way that I never understood how it was supposed to be “cowardly” to fly a plane into a building. Considering most Americans’ views of a court system that jails pot smokers for life, lets murderers walk, creates strange “marriages” out of thin air, kicks people out of their homes and mines penumbras to find the right to kill unborn children, why would it be hard for anyone to understand when a man refuses voluntarily submit to its adjudication of a situation where it has an obvious self-interest?

And who is more cowardly, the sheep that go meekly along to the shearer or the one that jumps the fence and runs for the hills?

Granted, one might well question the practical wisdom of that decision, given the chance of being forced to contribute to a mutton dinner instead of a wool sweater, but that’s an entirely different matter.