From the “Women Never Lie” department

They don’t lie about rape:

A sailor pleaded guilty Monday to abducting and killing a Marine corporal he thought had been involved in a gang rape. The rape turned out to be a lie, but the truth surfaced too late….

Federal agents had testified at his Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a grand jury investigation, that Jackson had been fooled into falling in love with a woman who called herself Samantha and made up a story about being raped by servicemen.

“Samantha” turned out to be Ashley Elrod, a 22-year-old hotel clerk on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, who testified that she lied about being raped. She said she “might have” told Jackson that one of the Marines was named Huff or Huffman, and she said Jackson called her after Huff was killed. Elrod has not been charged.

And they certainly wouldn’t lie about being abused by a wifebeater, not when there’s nothing at stake except hundreds of millions of dollars:

Hurt by her leaked court papers claiming he was a violent, drug-taking drunk, Macca has enough ammunition to destroy the beauty’s lies — and prove that it was HER who was the violent nightmare in their four-year marriage….

“That poisonous b***h doesn’t deserve a penny.”

Geoff — who was dismissed by Sir Paul in 2004 — has repeatedly turned down offers of up to £200,000 to reveal all about his time with Macca and Heather.

He has only broken his silence now because he was infuriated by Heather’s claims the rock legend humiliated and physically abused her.

“To brand Paul a wife-beater is the most absurd f***ing claim anyone can make,” storms Geoff. “I was with them for four years when she says a lot of this took place. On my son’s life I NEVER saw him lay a finger on her or throw abuse at her. Absolutely no way. Her allegations are outrageous lies. It is pure wickedness.”

In these latter days, when a man has to be an absolute fool to even consider marrying any woman who lacks a serious religious devotion, one can only look on with equal parts awe and horror at Mr. McCartney’s failed attempt to forge a marital bond with a psychotic one-legged hooker.

One would do well to keep these two incidents in mind the next time one hears a sob story about a poor, betrayed innocent’s mistreatment at the hands of her bestial ex-boyfriend. Never forget that many women love drama and like nothing better than to be the star of their own tragedy; they know very well how much some foolish men are all too eager to play hero.