So much for equality

Iron Mike is coming back:

At a news conference at an Italian restaurant, Tyson said he would likely go just four rounds and that future stops on the tour might include bouts with women, possibly professional boxer Ann Wolfe.

Wolfe, from Waco, Texas, is 21-1 with 15 knockouts.

“She’s such a prominent, dominant woman in the boxing field,” Tyson said.

When asked if he was joking about fighting women, Tyson said, “I’m very serious.”

Russ Young, a promoter for Wolfe, said such a bout will never happen. “That’s the first we’ve heard of it,” Young said. “No state would sanction that. She would be outweighed by 60 to 70 pounds. Ann would never entertain the idea.”

In other words, one of the best female boxers in the world, in the prime of her career, wouldn’t even entertain the idea of fighting a washed-up fighter who is so out of shape that he can’t even go five rounds.

This is no discredit to Miss Wolfe, who obviously knows what she’s about. I’m actually mocking those who claim to “know this woman” with a black belt who routinely beats up all the men around her. The only women who believe women can defeat men in physical combat are those who have never fought a man or been hit by one.

It doesn’t matter how well-trained you are if you are giving up speed, strength, reach, mass and power absorption.

But I certainly hope some woman will be so foolish as to take on Tyson in what would surely be a most educational Battle of the Sexes.