A bad beginning

VPFL Week 6 results:

104 East Mesa WhiteTrash
41 Santa Barbarians

86 Mile High Club
72 West Texas Vikings

83 Greenfield Grizzlies
22 Pale Horse Cowboys

82 Newport Sea Dogs
67 COS McRays

52 Burns Montgomerys
50 Mounds View Meerkats

This was clearly not the week to leave Joe Horn sitting on the bench. That was an error in judgment, although sometimes, it’s just clearly not your year. A bad week for Jeff Wilkins can happen, but the complete uselessness of Jake Plummer against a pathetic Oakland defense is almost enraging, especially when you’re only playing him on Peyton Manning’s bye week. I wasn’t asking for much, I mean, Spacebunny could throw for 150 and a TD against the Raidess this year.

I have proof that it could be worse, though. I was starting Rex “Kordell” Grossman in my more prestigious league since Palmer was out on a bye. That, combined with no less than four starters on byes, left me with a grand total of six (6!) points against Big Chilly. Needless to say, that team is still winless.

I hate bye weeks. Oh, and before I forget, thank you, Drew Bledsoe, for throwing that interception at the end of the game that gift-wrapped Philadelphia a 101-yard return for a touchdown. Instead of an eight-point win that would have me in fourth place even with the loss to Nate, I got stuck with a tie that has me hanging with the bottom-dwellers.