Nazi doctors in Tel Aviv

I imagine this news is going to pop up a lot in the future from those who already like to compare Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to Germany’s treatment of the Jews. No doubt the usual suspects at NRO will be requiring fainting couches:

Four senior doctors at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot and the Hartzfeld Geriatric Hospital in Gedera were arrested yesterday on suspicion of carrying out hundreds of illegal experiments on elderly patients without their consent.

The doctors – including Shmuel Levy, deputy director of Kaplan-Hartzfeld, who was responsible for Hartzfeld; Nadya Kagansky; and Alona Smirnov – are suspected of wrongful death through negligence, abuse of helpless victims, aggravated assault, fraud, violation of a statutory obligation and interference in an investigation.

I understand that the Hippocratic Oath has gone out of fashion at medical schools these days, but seriously, what part of “first, do no harm” is so hard to understand. Or at least “do you mind if I try X on you?”

I don’t have a problem with medical researchers experimenting on puppies and monkeys even if I find it rather cringe-inducing, but I do think playing Dr. Mengele on a bunch of helpless elderly people who don’t realize they’re being used as guinea pigs is just a bit much.