And so it begins

Russia begins expelling its immigrants:

Some 150 immigrants were rounded up and deported by Russian police yesterday. Officers demanded that schools draw up lists of children with Georgian surnames, prompting fears that the expulsions could be widened. Several hundred thousand Georgians are believed to live in Russia.

Despite the release of the four officers on Monday, Russia has introduced sanctions against Georgia on an almost daily basis, causing the worst tension between them in years amid international concern of a crisis in the south Caucasus.

Mr Saakashvili said the latest retaliation went beyond the limits of acceptability. “It looks like they’re hunting for people in the streets,” he said in his first interview with a western newspaper since the crisis began.

This may be significant, not because Georgians are Muslims – they’re not – but Russia is one of the most demographically challenged nations in Europe. If they have decided that immigrants are more trouble than they’re worth, one can expect France – where the Muslim youth are openly fighting the police – and Britain – where a Muslim gang just trashed a house four British veterans had rented – to follow suit in fairly short order. The fact that this is the lead headline at the Telegraph is also suggestive of Britain soon electing to put its own house in order.

The multicutural myth has been proven to be a dangerous charade. Mass integration is neither possible nor desirable. What does most of the Third World have to offer Western civilization anyhow, except in rare instances such as the Anglican Church where the Third World has better kept the traditions of Western Civilization than the West itself.

Socionomists will see this as another indication of a negative Wave Three. If they’re correct, we haven’t seen anything yet.