Oh, grow up

I note with equal parts mirth and contempt the efforts of some die-hard Republican commentators to argue that the Foley scandal was little more than a Democratic sting, or that it is somehow unfair for Democrats to take maximum advantage of self-inflicted Republican foot-shooting.

All is fair in love, war and politics. If you are dumb enough to sacrifice principle for pragmatism and foolish enough to choose a barely closeted gay man as a representative of a party dependent upon the votes of Catholics and evangelical Christians, you shouldn’t be surprised when all your over-thought strategery begins to unravel.

The Republican leadership handed Democrats this stick and they shouldn’t be surprised or upset when Democrats gleefully beat them with it. Pointing to Clinton, Frank or other sexually incontinent individuals won’t make any difference, the party of the San Francisco Democrats is supposed to be perverse. The party of married America with children isn’t.