Mailvox: riding the rails

Suckit runs a strange little train of thought right off the tracks:

Bane curses some chick out and tells her he’s going to send his “big dogs” to destroy her computer. It is obvious that only radical feminists are godless creatures who seek to limit the rights of others!

Let’s play the “how many errors can you fit into two sentences game”.

1. I am not Bane. What does this have to do with me?
2. Bane is not a libertarian. He does not recognize the same sort of sacrosanct individual rights that I do.
3. It is virtually impossible to destroy a specific computer via the Internet. The threat is meaningless.
4. Bane seldom, if ever, writes about feminists, radical or otherwise. The purported irony is nonexistent.
5. Bane is not a government. His actions are not laws limiting individual rights.
6. Bane has a right to control comments on his blog. Taking advantage of dynamic IPs to avoid a blog ban is, at the very least, bad manners that merit a public denouncing.

This doesn’t even qualify as bad logic, it’s just an incompetent and misdirected attempt at sarcasm.