Are we not equal?

Sexist pigs insist their little girls shouldn’t strip in front of boys:

Parents staged an angry protest after their young daughters were forced to strip to their underwear in front of boys at school. The girls, aged ten and 11, were left in tears after being ordered to change for PE in a mixed classroom under a school policy blamed on health and safety regulations.

These outrageously sexist protests must be stopped at once! In the vital interest of gender equality, I think I’m going to start walking into women’s rest rooms when I feel the need to relieve myself of excess liquids, then urinate in the sink in preparation for lecturing any anti-equalitarian women who protest on the evil of their outdated, sexist ways.

Are we not equal, my sisters?

I don’t know what these parents are complaining about anyhow. It’s not as if their little girls were molested by a drifter before getting shot by the local SWAT team or anything. School is all about the experience.