DJ Gallo has it wrong, the NFL needs more poetic self-expression:

The NFL has basically become “West Side Story.” I imagine that after Lewis showed the Bengals the video, Johnson performed an interpretative dance expressing revenge and then Carson Palmer read a poem about his feelings on being injured in last year’s playoff game. And then they probably all got in their sleeping bags and took turns brushing T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s hair.

Sometimes I want to cry
When the wideout runs the fly
And they leave it up to me
One lonely man against the D

I thought that we would run
It was Chester Taylor’s ball
Instead I became the one
Who was forced to take the fall

I didn’t know what I should do
And as the ball fell to the ground
The whistle blew to end the down
And I cried on fourth-and-two
Part of me died on fourth-and-two

– Brad Johnson

What you have to understand is that Brad Johnson is not only a poet, he’s a competitor. He’s a passer, not a thrower. He’s a sensitive guy, sure, but he’s not going to let one regular season loss get him down. He’s got a ring, he knows what it takes to get the job done and he’s eager to share his epic “Cheese is not for Champions” with everyone once the Vikes finish their season sweep of the Packers later this year.