A heartfelt cry

I play the White Buffalo in both the VPFL as well as THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS LEAGUE IN SPORTS. Apparently the level of competition is rather lower in the former than the latter, but it’s hard to make any definitive statements after Week One. It’s always bad to lose to him, but to lose twice on one day while he’s still flashing his championship bling from last year is simply unimaginable.

Football gods, hear my prayer
In my need you have never been there
Greenfield is my week two game
Let him lose, bring him shame

He sports the ring I might have worn
If I had drafted Larry Johnson.
The seasons die one by one
How soon they fly on and on
And I am out of the playoffs again

Shut him out, home and away
You must admit he is practically gay
You can give, you can take
Let Chad throw like last week’s Jake
If we tie, then we tie
Let him lose
Bring me the win, bring me the win
Bring me the win….