Crazy fat people trying to kill you

In the wake of the chubbos’ calls for London to follow Madrid’s example in banning “too-skinny” models from the runways, I thought I’d calculate a BMI or two myself. Now, keep in mind that I’m a guy of average height with a 30-inch waist, while Spacebunny, despite being quite slender, can bench more than her own weight. So how did we come out?

Vox: at 26, I’m “overweight”.
SB: at 17.8, she’s so “underweight” that she can’t even model in Madrid.

It’s bizarre how as American society gets ever fatter, (and when you haven’t been there in a while, it can be shocking to see how much bigger people have gotten in just a few years), the constant media focus is the peril of being too skinny. Even the questionable CDC study which reduced the number of annual obesity deaths from 400,000 annually to 112,000 is still 112x the highest number of anorexia deaths claimed by anyone with even a vestige of credibility.

(Feminists, naturally, claim 150,000 annual anorexia deaths. The fact that this is more than the number of Americans dying each year by murder, car accidents, airplane crashes, drowning, poison and treehadist terrorism combined doesn’t seem to have ever occurred to Ms Wolf, Ms Steinhem or their clueless parrots. Math is hard! And you wonder why I call feminism the ideology of ignorant idiots?)

I suspect that it is the fattening of America which is inspiring women to go to the opposite extreme. Seeing a super-obese megachub two-fisting a concoction of grease, lard and sugar is understandably enough to put almost anyone off eating for at least a few hours, see enough of that around you on a regular basis and starving yourself suddenly seems not only reasonable, but an aesthetic imperative.

Obsessive girls are probably safest in the weight room. The compulsion to keep their strength up tends to counterbalance the desire to cut calories and they’ll find the same twisted pleasure in rigidly controlling their diet as they did in not eating at all.