An exercise in lip-reading

I’m not sure, but I think he’s saying: “I have had enough of you being rude and disrespectful toward men. The next time I see you, you will be polite and show respect.”

You go, girl!

Of course, it’s totally predictable that the same women who celebrate actual violence can simultaneously get their grannie panties in a bunch over imaginary violence.

I’m not sure which amuses me more, their blatant hypocrisy or the way in which they are upset about how the photos are rightly perceived as hot by men and women alike. Most feminists are frigid prudes frightened of both men and sex, listening to them blather about how male domination and female submission aren’t sexually enticing is like hearing a priest lecturing on how adultery cannot be pleasurable. But the allure of an act seldom depends on its moral rectitude, indeed, any illicit aspects only tend to heighten it.

Meanwhile, this picture makes me wonder just what Spacebunny did to get herself arrested on her last trip to Milano.